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Sally D. – June 2016, “I have to say Dan from Bulldog Sewer & Drain did a great job for us, respectable, reliable and reasonable and he will be installing a cleanout for us soon. Thank you Dan.”  Bulldog Sewer & Drain 202


Bulldog Sewer and Drain, LLC


Bulldog Sewer and Drain is a full service sewer and drain company.  Bulldog Sewer and Drain offers sewer cleaning and drain cleaning services in Muskegon, Grand Haven, and the surrounding West MI area.



Emergency Services Available


Bulldog Sewer and Drain offers emergency service.  Call us anytime.  Bulldog Sewer and Drain will send someone to the Muskegon, Grand Haven, or surrounding areas as soon as possible for your sewer cleaning and drain cleaning needs.





We Provide High Tech Camera Inspections

Bulldog-Sewer-Drain-118Bulldog Sewer and Drain is able to locate bad spots in your sewer or drain pipes using high tech cameras.  This allows for accurate sewer repair and outside cleanout installations. Outside cleanouts allow for a higher quality sewer cleaning.





Hydro Jetting

Bulldog Sewer & Drain 121Bulldog Sewer and Drain offers hydro jetting. Jetting uses high pressure water to clean drains. Jetting is helpful in commercial sewer cleaning and drain cleaning. Jetting works well for grease and grime. The jetter does the type of sewer cleaning that a snake machine can’t do.





Sewer And Septic Excavating

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Bulldog Sewer and Drain offers sewer cleaning and drain cleaning in Muskegon, Grand Haven, and surrounding areas.  Other services, include sewer and septic excavating services.  Bulldog Sewer and Drain can usually excavate a small area and perform a sewer repair. A repair is less costly than a new sewer replacement. Our plumbers will give you a free estimate on the repair cost.  There is no obligation when calling for an estimate.  We will give you options for your particular budget and circumstances.

*Please call for details